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Sealing the main reason for the failure of anti-rust oil

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Sealing the main reason for the failure of anti-rust oil

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1, cleaning objects or contact with corrosive media. For example, before applying anti-rust oil, the product is not cleaned according to the process requirements (or dried), and the surface of the metal is left with sweat (such as hand sweat), corrosive medium such as moisture and dust, Oil, do not wear clean gloves, resulting in failure of anti-rust oil, causing corrosion of equipment and parts.

2, wrong use of anti-rust oil or anti-rust oil quality deterioration. For example, the choice of anti-rust oil does not meet the standards, or deterioration in the quality of anti-rust oil used, causing anti-rust oil failure and a large number of metal parts rust. Therefore, a variety of anti-rust oil, to be used before the test identification, qualified to use.

3, improper coating method or bad process. For example, the use of hot dip coating, due to the temperature is too high, resulting in deterioration of the oil (the general temperature should be controlled at 60-75 ℃), not in the metal surface to form a complete, uniform protective film; After, it is used or packaged without being cooled.

4, packaging quality or packaging material is not good. Anti-rust treatment of the product, if the packaging quality is not good, subject to vibration or impact, the product of the oil film easily peeling or poor sealing susceptible to attack by aggressive media and rust; packaging with a neutral kraft paper , Plastic film and other materials do not meet the quality requirements, poor sealing performance, up to seal the purpose of sealing.

  Oil seal packaging, poor storage and storage. Oil-sealed products, in the transport, storage, if not properly stored, it will be damp air, water, acids, alkalis and other harmful media erosion, resulting in metal corrosion damage.

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