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Stamping common defects, causes and solutions

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Stamping common defects, causes and solutions

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1, drawing

Defects: Pulling, wrinkling, surface strain, waves, drum kits, pits, pitting and so on

1) Cracking: There is light and dark cracking points, with particular attention to the dark crack (crack will not crack, due to drawing thinning, the plate will have pits), cracking reason: punch R angle radius is too small, Large, poor material forming properties or material size is too large, punch and die clearance is too small, improper lubrication, positioning is not allowed, punch and die R angle or drawstring not smooth, hair and so on. Solution: 1, to improve the quality of the mold surface 2, reducing the pressure material 3, the tendons to reduce 4, the R angle zoom.

2) Roughness: The R corner radius of the punch and die is too large, the blank holder force is too small, the material size is too small, the punch and die clearances are too big, the lubrication is too poor, the positioning is not accurate, the drawbead is badly arranged and the height is not enough.

Solution: 1, increase the pressure 2, plus package, suck and wrinkle 3, increase the height of the pressure bar 4, change the shape of the pressure bar.

3) Surface strain: there is scratch on the working surface of the mold, the surface of the material is defective, there are impurities in the lubricating oil, waste and the like

4) Waves, drums, pits, pits :: Binder force is too small, improper lubrication, mold cavity dirty, dirty surface material, ventilation holes blocked, uneven mold surface, dirty oil, etc. 2, blanking punching ,Trimming 

Defects: burr is too large, deformation, scratches the surface, the size does not match, less holes, with the expected material

1) burr is too large: the edge wear, poor guidance accuracy, punch and die in different positions, punch die gap is too large or too small. When the gap is large: the bright area with a small or basically invisible, burr features thick and large, not easy to remove.

Solution: 1, trimming and punching process using punch fixed die approach, while the blanking process is based on the die, that die size unchanged, by adjusting the punch approach 2, facing Parts of the mold to find the location of the gap between the blade edge 3, with the corresponding electrode on this part of the welding, to ensure the hardness of the mold edge 4, repair blade gap; gap hour: section with two bright band, due to the small gap, Its burr features high and thin. Solution: The specific situation based on the size of the mold gap adjustment, to ensure that the gap is reasonable. For the trimming punching die, the gap on the die approach, and blanking die should be used to enlarge the punch approach to ensure that the size of the parts before and after the repair unchanged, 2, after repair , To measure the clearance surface, and test whether the gap with the plate material to achieve reasonable requirements. For punching die, the burr, if it is a punch or die wear, you can find out the corresponding standard parts to be replaced, if there is no standard parts, you can use welding or mapping to manufacture.

2) Deformation: Pitch is too small, the pressure plate and the surface with a bad, too much clearance and so on

3) scratches the surface: the operation drag, pull and other phenomena, the sheet in the cutting process such as scratches

4) size does not match: feeding is not in place. Positioning device is damaged or loose, position and other movement

5) Less holes: punch broken, punch length is not enough, pneumatic devices damaged

6) with the material: trimming or punching die when the material or discharge device abnormalities.

Solution: 1, according to the parts with the parts to find the corresponding parts of the mold

2, check the mold pressure plate is there any abnormalities

3, the corresponding parts of the pressure plate welding repair

4, with welding parts repair parts along the way, the specific profile and the workpiece configuration

5, try red

6, if the inspection is not the problem of mold pressure stripper, you can check the mold of the knife there is a razor phenomenon. Blade edge chipping:

3, Flanging, plastic surgery

Defects: Flanging is not vertical, the flange height is inconsistent, flanging rags, flanging cracks, deformation of parts, etc. 1) Flanging is not vertical: punch and die clearance is too large

2) The height of the inconsistencies: punch uneven die gap, positioning is not allowed, blanking parts are not allowed

3) flanging razor: edge scratches, parts of the surface of impurities, cutting edge hardness is too low. Solution: 1, first of all control parts to find the corresponding position of the mold razor, 2, with the stone will be the corresponding position of the mold, pay attention to the size of the fillet uniform 3, with sandpaper to push the mold parts of the site.

4) flanging fissure: burr trimming, punch and die clearance is too small, the flange at the mutation

5) Deformation of the parts: the blank holder force is too small, the material pressure surface uneven. Solution: 1, increase the blank holder force, if the spring pressure material can be used to add spring approach, the pressure on the air cushion is usually used to increase the air cushion force approach. 2, if you increase the pressure, there are still some deformation, then the available Hongdan powder to find out the specific problems, check the material surface is not partial depression, etc., at this time can be used to welding plate material approach. Press the board after welding with the mold under the type of research.

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