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Why anti-rust grease will use failure?

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Why anti-rust grease will use failure?

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Anti-rust grease varieties

More anti-rust grease varieties, the characteristics of various oils are also different. Some have good replacement, some good heat-resistance, and some high temperature and atmospheric resistance, etc., have their own specialty. Different types of oil, use is also different, rust and rust long-term storage sealed. Different additives used in oil are also different metals, some have a significant effect on ferrous metals, and some are non-ferrous metals and a variety of metals are adaptable. Therefore, not any kind of anti-rust oil can adapt to different conditions, according to the specific circumstances, through the test of practice, choose the right anti-rust oil.

Antirust effect is good or bad, but also with the quality of anti-rust grease, the acceptance system should be established, the acceptance of anti-rust oil into the plant to prevent unqualified products into the plant. During use, to prevent rust-proof grease film rupture or loss of its anti-rust properties.

Anti-rust process implementation

Rust-proof material in the production and use of the effectiveness of the use of technology and packaging materials and other factors, and rust-proof process in the anti-rust quality plays a very important position should be combined with the actual situation of the unit, formulate rust-proof process, there are people Responsible, so as to avoid corrosion caused by process problems. In the course of using, it is often found that the same batch of approved rust-proof grease will come out with different rust-proofing effects. This situation should be checked from the rust-proof process, if slightly negligent, it will cause an accident. Rust process can be checked from the following points:

Cleaning: As the cleaning is not clean, leaving the surface of the metal moisture, hand sweat or salt, etc., and the use of anti-rust oil and lack of sufficient replacement, there is the risk of corrosion. There is no timely rust after cleaning, will make the product has not been oiled before corrosion.

Inspection before oil seal: Metal parts should be checked before oil seal, to be clean and dry, can not have rust. If rust has to be rust, or rust will continue to exist, and even will develop. Antirust rust after the oil seal, to ensure the quality of the oil seal.

Heating: some anti-rust grease thick, dip or brush at room temperature can not be heated to melt to use. If not according to the provisions of the heating temperature or long-term operation at high temperatures, so that some additives decomposed into harmful corrosive agents, this rust-proof oil not only lose the rust-proof, on the contrary become a corrosion promoter. Therefore, heating, according to the provisions of the control temperature, not long-term high temperature or over-temperature, stop heating when not in order to avoid deterioration of rust-proof grease, which can ensure the anti-rust effect.

Coating method: In the application of anti-rust grease, grease thin and uniform. If the oil film is too thick or uneven coating, it will cause the surface of the metal film thin anti-rust oil well in the thick oil layer produces uneven oxygen concentration of the battery caused corrosion. In the dipping anti-rust grease, because the oil is not drained there is a large amount of oil that is packaged, so that more oil corrosion; if there is a trace of rust. Oil seal heating metal parts, to be cooled to room temperature and then packaged, otherwise prone to corrosion.

Rust-proof packaging materials

If the packaging material quality is not good, choose the wrong or improper use, but also make rust failure. Packaging materials do not meet the quality requirements, poor sealing, it can not reach the purpose of sealed storage. For example, VCI is highly selective to metals. When using VCL, it should be selected according to the metal, otherwise corrosion of the metal will be promoted. In addition, when the anti-rust paper is used, the rough surface is not in contact with the metal surface and therefore can not be used To the desired effect. Therefore, the use of packaging materials, we must, under specific circumstances, select the appropriate packaging materials to prevent the selection of packaging materials or improper use of products caused by corrosion.

Storage environment

Storage conditions are good or bad, and the metal corrosion rate is closely related. Use the same anti-rust grease, anti-rust oil seal the same process, due to different storage conditions, the resulting anti-rust effect is quite different. Good storage conditions, rust-proof period is long, rust-proof effect is good. On the contrary, anti-rust period is short, anti-rust effect is poor.

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