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How to choose according to the stamping plate suitable stamping oil

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How to choose according to the stamping plate suitable stamping oil

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The stamping process of lubricating oil called stamping stretch oil, in particular, can increase the forming limit, to prevent damage to the workpiece rupture, reduce the production of friction and the adverse effects, thereby enhancing product quality. So how to choose according to the stamping material suitable drawing stretch oil it?

For everyone to analyze a few time:

1, silicon steel is more easily punching the material, because the film attached to the die-cutting to dry, so the general use of lower viscosity stamping stretch oil. If you want to prevent punching workpieces perfect and extend the life of the die, so choose a higher viscosity of the drawing stretch oil is better.

2, carbon steel materials, according to the processing of hard and stamping stretch oil oil, rust and so on to determine the viscosity of its need for drawing stretch oil.

3, galvanized steel materials, the use of chlorine-based stamping tensile oil sometimes white rust phenomenon, the use of sulfur stamping stretch oil is relatively better.

4, stainless steel plate, stainless steel is easy to produce work hardening materials, require the use of oil film with high strength oil, the oil viscosity and cooling is also better.

5, copper, copper alloy materials, should choose the oily stretch oil, in addition to its lubricating properties should be good stamping stretch oil.

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