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Cutting fluid for metal cutting cleaning (Tscc0652)

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Cutting fluid for metal cutting cleaning (Tscc0652)

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In addition to cutting fluid in the metal processing to improve lubrication, the majority of the metal cutting process is carried out in the boundary lubrication under the friction conditions, belonging to the boundary lubrication, therefore, the use of appropriate to adapt to such a state of friction cutting fluid, it is possible Improve the cutting process of friction conditions, to achieve the purpose of improving the cutting effect. In addition, there are cleaning and rust-proofing effect. Cutting fluid cleaning and chip removal in the metal cutting is often indispensable.

In the metal cutting process, sometimes produce some small chips (such as cutting iron) or abrasive powder (such as grinding). In order to prevent chipping or grinding adhesion to the workpiece, tool and lathe, the workpiece surface quality, tool durability and machine accuracy. It requires cutting fluid has a good cleaning effect, especially for precision machining, grinding and automatic line processing, cutting fluid cleaning performance is even more important.

Metal cutting fluid cleaning performance is good or bad, and cutting fluid permeability, fluidity and the use of pressure. Low surface tension, permeability and fluidity of the cutting fluid good cleaning performance. When using cutting fluid CNC machining center, when purchasing, in addition to select the lubrication performance and cooling performance of the metal cutting fluid, cleaning performance also can not be ignored. Select a good cleaning performance of the metal cutting fluid is conducive to improving the life of cutting tools.

SCC102A-6 is a high-performance long-term emulsion cutting fluid designed specifically for the processing of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy surface has a good antioxidant protection, good lubrication and extreme pressure, suitable for use in aluminum alloy A variety of processing technology, including cars, milling, drilling, grinding, reaming, blind hole / hole tapping. SCC102A-6 does not contain chlorine, nitrite, phenol and other harmful substances, are environmentally friendly products.

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