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Aluminum alloy machining cutting fluid?

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Aluminum alloy machining cutting fluid?

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With the rise of aviation, automotive industry, petrochemicals and electronics and other modern machinery manufacturing industry, aluminum metal machining has become very common.

Compared with most steel and cast iron materials, the physical properties of aluminum alloy have many obvious features: strength and hardness are much higher than that of pure aluminum, but compared with steel, the strength and hardness are low, the cutting force is small, and the thermal conductivity is good . As the aluminum alloy is of high quality, large in plasticity and easy to stick when cutting, it will form built-up edge on the tool. Welding may occur on the cutting edge during high-speed cutting, causing the cutting tool to lose cutting ability and affect the machining accuracy and surface roughness. In addition, the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum, cutting heat easily lead to thermal deformation of the workpiece, reducing processing accuracy. The corrosion morphology of aluminum alloy is mainly manifested as surface discoloration and pitting corrosion. Aluminum surface from brown to black, large areas of color will not pitting. Pitting corrosion is small and deep erosion, but sometimes the pits are interconnected to form large holes, precipitated white powder, commonly known as white rust.

Aluminum machining cutting fluid choice:

In summary, the selection of aluminum alloy cutting fluid is very important to ensure good lubrication, cooling, filterability and rust resistance, therefore, for aluminum alloy cutting fluid and ordinary cutting fluid is different, choose one The right type of cutting fluid is very necessary.

According to the different processing conditions and machining accuracy requirements, should choose a different cutting fluid. As high-speed machining can generate a lot of heat, such as high-speed cutting, drilling, etc., if the heat generated by the cutting fluid can not be taken away in time, will happen stick knife phenomenon, and even there will be BUE, will seriously affect the workpiece Machining roughness and tool life, while the heat will cause the workpiece deformation, seriously affecting the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the choice of cutting fluid should consider both its own lubricity, but also consider the cooling performance.

For finishing, select the emulsion-type friction cutting fluid or low viscosity cutting oil, such as "Luenol Chemical" emulsified cutting fluid SCC102A and cutting oil NC200A. For semi-finishing and roughing, you can choose low-concentration emulsion-type anti-friction cutting fluid or semi-synthetic friction cutting fluid with good cooling performance of the cutting fluid, such as "Connaught Chemical" emulsified cutting fluid SCC730I and semi-synthetic Cutting fluid SCC638I.

For grinding, the grinding debris is very small grinding, and grinding process will produce a lot of heat, so the choice of cutting fluid to consider both lubrication and cooling performance, but also consider the cutting fluid filterability. If the choice of cutting fluid viscosity is too large, the chip can not be deposited in time or be filtered out, then it will with the cutting fluid to the processing zone and scratch the workpiece surface, thus affecting the finish of the machined surface. Therefore, the choice of low-viscosity grinding or super-precision grinding friction reducing oil or semi-synthetic cutting fluid, such as "Luenol Chemical" refined oil NC100 and semi-synthetic cutting fluid SCC638. For semi-fine grinding or rough grinding, the choice of low-concentration semi-synthetic cutting fluid or synthetic cutting fluid, such as "Uno Chemical" semi-synthetic cutting fluid SCC618A and fully synthetic cutting fluid SCC750A.

In the choice of cutting fluid, in addition to considering the cutting fluid lubrication, cooling and other properties, but also consider the cutting fluid corrosion resistance, cost and easy maintenance and other aspects of performance. Cutting oil is easy to use a relatively low viscosity base oil by adding anti-friction additives, so that both can achieve lubrication and friction, but also can have good cooling and easy to filter. However, there is the problem of cutting oil flash point is low, heavy smoke in the high-speed cutting, the higher the hazard coefficient, and volatile fast, the user costs a corresponding increase in high, so conditions permitting, aluminum cutting fluid manufacturers Connaught Chemical "proposed the selection of water-soluble cutting fluid.

For aqueous cutting fluids, it is more important to consider their rust resistance. Now commonly used water-based aluminum rust inhibitors are silicate and phosphate, for the longer processing time between the workpiece, the processing easy to use with phosphoric acid ester rust inhibitor cutting fluid, because the silicon material and aluminum long Time exposure will occur corrosion of black "silicon spots." Cutting fluid pH value maintained at 8-10, if the rust is not good, aluminum in this alkaline conditions can easily be corroded. Therefore, the aluminum alloy cutting fluid manufacturers, "Connaught Chemical Industry," remind the selection of water-soluble cutting fluid must have good aluminum rust performance.

Aluminum alloy cutting fluid selection is very important, both to ensure that the cutting fluid good lubricity, rust-proof, but also have good stability, filtration and ease of maintenance, the only way to be able to process the required products , To reduce the cost of cutting fluid.

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