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The role of lubricant additives?

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The role of lubricant additives?

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(1) The role of detergent dispersant solubilization, dispersion, acid neutralization, adsorption of four.

(2) The role of antioxidant and anti-corrosion additives is to inhibit the oxidation of oil products, passivation of metal catalytic oxidation, to extend the use of oil and protect the machine's purpose.

(3) The role of pour point depressant is to reduce the oil's freezing point, so that the oil at low temperatures to maintain good mobility and improve the engine's low temperature starting performance. .

(4) viscosity index improver can increase the viscosity of the oil, especially to meet the low temperature oil performance requirements.

(5) oily agents and extreme pressure anti-wear agent with the metal surface chemical reaction between the chemical reaction film to prevent the metal surface wear, abrasion and welding.

(6) The role of anti-rust agent The formation of adsorption on the metal surface protective layer to prevent corrosive media and metal contact, play a rust-proof role.

(7) The main role of anti-foam agent is to inhibit the production of foam, so as to avoid the formation of stable foam, it can be adsorbed on the bubble film, the formation of unstable film, so as to achieve the purpose of destruction of foam.

(8) anti-emulsifier can change the oil / water interface tension, so that oil and water separation, to achieve the purpose of improving the anti-emulsifying properties of oil.

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