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Industrial gear lubricants

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Industrial gear lubricants

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Industrial gear lubricants range of applications, there are many types of base oil, such as: pure mineral oil, PAO poly paraffin hydrocarbon synthetic oil, polyether synthetic oil, alkylbenzene oil, biodegradable lipid oil. When they become a kind of industrial lubricants, they can not be mixed with each other, for example, polyether synthetic oil and other industrial oils mixed, the performance will be significantly reduced.

Industrial lubricants users are all walks of life enterprises, the general use of more varieties, large amount, not only depends on the price of the product, but also depends on the product quality and technical characteristics, but also depends on the technical service is good or bad. Therefore, the technical marketing of industrial lubricants is even more important. Industrial lubricants in different applications, the additives are not the same. Outdoor hydraulic oil suitable for local temperature changes, it can not be used indoor hydraulic environment closed environment. In addition, like heavy-duty gear oils and molding oil using conditions are different, heavy-duty gear oils contain extreme pressure additives to ensure that you can use in harsh environments, forming oil, usually pure mineral oil, without additives. Enterprises using industrial lubricants, the configuration of machinery and equipment are relatively concentrated, so purposeful, targeted technical exchange is even more necessary. This is also the main form of pre-sales technical service.

The basic properties of industrial lubricants and the main selection principle is the viscosity, therefore, priority should be introduced. GB / T3141-94 is the ISO viscosity classification of industrial liquid lubricants, equivalent to the international standard ISO3448-1992 "industrial liquid lubricants-ISO viscosity classification." In general, medium speed, medium load and temperature conditions are not too high, the choice of medium viscosity lubricants; high load, low speed and high temperature conditions, the choice of high viscosity lubricants or add extreme pressure Lubricants; low load, high speed and low temperature conditions, the choice of low viscosity lubricants; wide high temperature range, light load and high speed, as well as other special requirements of the operating conditions, the choice of synthetic lubrication The basic performance of oil greases and the main selection principle is cone penetration, cone penetration degree to the classification of grease consistency. Therefore, it should also be introduced to the user. Cone penetration is commonly used in various grease control work consistency indicators used to indicate the performance of the grease into the friction point and the degree of soft and hard grease indicators. J Generally speaking, bearing grease bearing large load, low speed, you should use a small cone of grease. Conversely, the load borne small, high speed, it is necessary to use a large penetration cone grease. In the wide range of high and low temperature, light load, high speed and low temperature is low, and other special requirements, should be used synthetic grease.

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