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Classification of lubricants

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Classification of lubricants

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Lubricants are widely used in machinery and equipment of liquid lubricants. What are the classification of lubricants?


Car oil


Gasoline engine oil: SE engine oil | SG engine oil | SJ engine oil | SL engine oil


Diesel engine oil: CD diesel engine oil CF-4 diesel engine oil | CH-4 diesel engine oil


General Internal Combustion Engine Oil: SF / CC Oil | SG / CF-4 Oil | Gas Engine Oil


Automotive Gear Oil: GL-4 Vehicle Gear Oil | GL-5 Vehicle Gear Oil


Other: ATF (automatic transmission fluid) | Automobile shock absorber oil | Grease wheel hub |


Industrial oil


Hydraulic oil: anti-wear hydraulic oil | hydraulic transmission oil | ash-free anti-wear hydraulic oil | fire-resistant hydraulic oil


Gear Oil: General Industrial Gear Oil | Synthetic Gear Oil | Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil | Extreme Pressure Gear Oil | Open Gear Oil | Medium Duty Industrial Gear Oil | Worm Gear Oil


Compressor Oil: Screw Compressor Oil | Reciprocating Compressor Oil | Rotary Compressor Oil


Turbine oil: anti-ammonia turbine oil | anti-rust turbine oil


Other: frozen oil | pump oil | transformer oil


Automotive chemicals


Brake Fluid | Antifreeze | Polishing Wax | Air Conditioner Cleaner | Cleaner | Antiwear Agent |




Calcium-based grease | General Lithium Grease | Extreme Lithium Grease | Lithium Complex Grease | Plastic Gear Grease | Gear Grease | Urethane Grease | Molybdenum Disulfide Lithium Base | Molybdenum Disulfide Lithium Complex | Extreme Pressure Lithium Complex Grease | Bearing grease | Wire rope grease | Sealing thread grease | High-speed bearing grease | High temperature grease | Sealing grease | Damping fat |


metal processing


Rolling Fluid | Rolling Oil | Stamping Oil | Drawing Oil | Cutting Oil | Broaching Oil | Wire Drawing Oil | Grinding Fluid | Drilling Oil | Honing Oil | Retarder Oil | Mold Release Agent | EDM | Normal Quenching Oil | Quick quenching oil | vacuum quenching oil


Antirust oil


Antirust oil | Vapor phase rust inhibitor | Replacement type antirust oil | Solvent dilution type antirust oil


Motorcycle oil


FC motorcycle oil | four-stroke motorcycle oil | motorcycle shock absorber oil


Marine oil


Marine Cylinder Oil | Marine Medium Speed Motor Oil | Marine System Oil


Base oil


Group I Base Oils | Group II Base Oils | Group III Base Oils | Naphthenic Oils | PAO | Diesters | Complex Esters | Polyol Esters | Methyl Silicone Oil | Polyethers




Detergent | Dispersant | Extreme pressure antiwear agent | Antioxidant | Sticky agent | Rust inhibitor | Pour point depressant | Antifoam | Emulsifier | Metal deactivator | | Industrial Gear Oil Complex | ATF Compound | Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil Complex | Turbine Oil Complex | Rust Inhibitor


Other lubricants


Total loss of oil | bearing oil | oil film bearing oil | thermal oil | mechanical oil | cylinder oil | spindle oil | rail oil | circulating oil | paper machine oil | high temperature chain oil | rubber filling oil | knitting oil |

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