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Reasons and Control of Hydraulic Oil Pollution in Construction Machinery

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Reasons and Control of Hydraulic Oil Pollution in Construction Machinery

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With the development and innovation of industrial technology, the application of electro-mechanical and hydraulic technology in modern engineering machinery has been widely developed. The performance of hydraulic system has a direct impact on the performance of construction machinery. In the hydraulic system, hydraulic oil is the working medium that transmits power and signals, and also functions as cooling, lubrication and rust prevention. Severe hydraulic oil pollution, hydraulic components will lead to increased wear and tear failure, the hydraulic system performance deterioration. According to statistics, more than 70% of hydraulic system failures are caused by oil pollution, of which more than 75% are solid particles.


1. Hydraulic oil pollution causes and hazards


1.1 hydraulic oil oxidation deterioration


Construction machinery at work, the hydraulic system due to a variety of pressure loss resulting in a lot of heat, the system hydraulic oil temperature rise, the system temperature is too high when the hydraulic oil easily oxidized, organic acids will be generated after oxidation, organic acids will corrode metal components, but also Will generate a gelatinous precipitate insoluble in oil, so that the viscosity of hydraulic oil increases, wear resistance deterioration.


1.2 hydraulic oil mixed with water and air


The new hydraulic oil has water absorption, with trace moisture; hydraulic system to stop working when the system temperature decreases, the air of water vapor condensation into water molecules mixed with oil. Hydraulic oil mixed with water, will reduce the viscosity of hydraulic oil, and to promote oxidation of hydraulic oil deterioration, but also the formation of water bubbles, so that the deterioration of hydraulic oil lubrication will produce cavitation.


Hydraulic oil can dissolve part of the air, sometimes inhaling bubbles. Air mixed with hydraulic oil can accelerate the deterioration of hydraulic oil, but also cause noise, cavitation, vibration and so on.


1.3 hydraulic oil mixed with particles of dirt


Hydraulic system and components in the processing, assembly, storage and transportation will be mixed with dirt in the system; the use of leakage or leakage after the formation of insoluble materials; the use of metal parts after wear debris generated; the air mixed with dust, which are easy The formation of hydraulic particles of dirt in the oil. Hydraulic oil mixed with particles of dirt, easy to form abrasive wear, reduce hydraulic oil lubrication performance, cooling performance. There are several reasons for solid particle contamination:


(1) The residual impurities in the hydraulic system itself, such as those produced in the manufacturing and assembly process, have not been completely removed;


(2) The new oil contains impurities because the tubing through which the oil flows and the drum containing the oil contain impurities;


(3) The outdoor open-air working environment is harsh, all kinds of flying particles are immersed in the hydraulic system;


(4) When the hydraulic system is disassembled and disassembled, the intrusion of contaminants during the disassembly and assembly of components and pipes, or the use of the contaminants brought in by the dirty filter container when refueling,


(5) From the mechanical friction, deformation and chemical reactions and other aspects of pollution.


2. Hydraulic oil pollution control


To ensure the performance of construction machinery, we must ensure the normal and reliable hydraulic system work, to ensure the normal and reliable hydraulic system work, hydraulic oil pollution control.


2.1 control the working temperature of hydraulic oil


Hydraulic oil working temperature is too high hydraulic components of the work of the negative, while the hydraulic oil will accelerate oxidation. General mechanical and hydraulic system operating temperature controlled below 65 ℃, engineering machinery hydraulic system to control the temperature below 80 ℃. Control of hydraulic oil temperature is mainly the performance of the hydraulic system, the performance of the cooler, the entire hydraulic system hydraulic oil reasonable control of hydraulic system components load and speed control.


2.2 Components and systems Clean during assembly and assembly


Components in the manufacturing process, each process must be processing residues of pollutants to purify; components must be cleaned before assembly, rigorous cleaning and inspection after assembly; tanks and pipes in the removal of burrs, welding slag, etc. Contaminants, the need for pickling to remove the surface oxide; the initial installation of the hydraulic system for cycle washing, and regular sampling from the system analysis, washing cycle until the system meets the requirements of cleaning.


2.3 to prevent contamination into the hydraulic system


Fuel tank should be properly sealed and equipped with the performance of the air filter to prevent the entry of dust and moisture; injected into the new oil to be effectively filtered, the system should be effectively back to the oil filter; pipe joints and other connections sealed tightly, Prevent dust, moisture and air from entering the hydraulic system; moving parts (eg cylinder rod end) shall be fitted with a dust seal.


2.4 hydraulic oil filtration and purification


The hydraulic oil filter (oil filter) is an important component in the hydraulic system to control the oil pollution. The application of the oil filter should ensure that the filtration precision meets the requirements of the system. The pressure loss caused by the fluid resistance should be as small as possible. Has enough grease capacity; regular inspection and purification of the oil filter. The pollution degree of hydraulic system oil increases with the penetration rate of external pollution particles and the number of various wear particles in the system, and decreases with the increase of the filtration ratio. Therefore, the rational selection of filtration ratio can effectively reduce the system's Pollution degree. Solid particles are the main source of hydraulic system pollution of construction machinery. The filter ratio of the oil filter is the main measure to control the system pollution.


2.5 Regular inspection and replacement of hydraulic oil


Hydraulic oil in use, the intrusion of pollutants on the hydraulic system will have an adverse effect on the effective control of hydraulic oil contamination, the seal should be regularly on the joints at the inspection process, the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil for Inspection and analysis, but also regular replacement of hydraulic oil. Replace the hydraulic oil to the old hydraulic oil net, the entire hydraulic system must be cleaned before injecting new hydraulic oil.


2.6 The use of hydraulic oil pollution on-line monitoring technology


In the construction machinery on-line monitoring of hydraulic oil pollution, ready to monitor the quality of the hydraulic oil in the process of using, and timely and accurate display of pollution levels through the monitor and the corresponding reasons, even if the staff did not observe the display of the case , When the pollution level reaches the appropriate level, the alarm device will also be graded alarm to ensure the construction machinery in use hydraulic oil performance and quality of the good.


3. Verify the conclusion


The main measures to control the hydraulic system pollution of construction machinery are to choose the filtration ratio of the oil filter rationally and to control the pollution sources. Through scientific control and timely replacement and alteration, the hydraulic system of the construction machinery can work normally and the service life and use value of the machinery are increased .

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