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Cause and Solution of Excessive Oil Temperature in Excavator Hydraulic Rail

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Cause and Solution of Excessive Oil Temperature in Excavator Hydraulic Rail

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Excavator hydraulic oil temperature is too high to deal with the problem more difficult, because in most cases the late use of equipment due to the wear and tear between the movement of the loss of performance caused. In many cases, maintenance is the way to cure the problem, so early prevention is very important.


1, a reasonable choice of hydraulic oil


Viscosity of hydraulic oil (ISO VG, viscosity in mm2 / s) The principle of determining the viscosity of hydraulic oil is to optimize the viscosity of hydraulic oil (for components such as pumps and motors) taking into account the operating temperature and efficiency of the hydraulic circuit Range; the short-term cold-start viscosity corresponding to the lowest ambient temperature; and the viscosity at 90 ° C corresponding to the maximum allowable leakage of oil for a short period of time.


2, a good hydraulic oil cooling system


For large hydraulic excavator hydraulic oil cooling system (to be more precise hydraulic oil temperature control system) to improve, although the specific methods used by different manufacturers are different, but the basic idea is the same, both to make the hydraulic oil temperature Balanced in a continuous operation in a more ideal range, but also make the hydraulic system can work quickly in cold conditions (to reach the normal operating temperature range of oil)


3, the system related to the hydraulic parameters of the inspection


At present, there are mainly two kinds of control methods for working pumps of large hydraulic excavators: limit load regulation and load induction regulation with pressure breaking function. The function of the limit load adjustment function is to reduce the swashplate angle of the variable displacement pump when the working pressure of the system reaches the set value so that the pump can only maintain the "residual" flow state required to maintain the pressure to avoid flooding Overflow of valve overflow.

For this purpose, the system parameters match until the limit load setting is lower than the setting of the primary pressure valve in the circuit; otherwise, the primary pressure valve will open and overheat the overflow. At the same time, check the hydraulic pump proportional solenoid valve is working properly, this work must be carried out in strict accordance with standard requirements, when necessary, system-related parameters should be restored.

4, excluding non-normal internal leakage

Mainly refers to the system hydraulic oil contaminated caused by the directional valve, pressure valve stuck bite caused by the non-normal leakage. Check the method: measuring pressure, check the function, or listen to whether there is abnormal noise (valve orifice closed caused by "flushing noise") or touch to check whether the temperature is too high.

5, to prevent component volume efficiency decline

Abnormal wear and normal wear and tear, should be taken seriously. The former may occur in a very short period of time, which can be judged by checking the quality of the oil and combining with the function of the system (such as the normal operation of actuators and the speed reduction); the latter should follow certain rules and should be integrated Study, take timely measures

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