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Hydraulic rail oil quality inspection

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Hydraulic rail oil quality inspection

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(1) Viscosity Viscosity should be strictly tested. Excessive viscosity increases the power loss, the viscosity is too small will affect the wear and tear caused by increased internal pump, the system pressure drop.

(2) Different viscosities have different requirements for the environment. Usually, the viscosity index of oil for indoor fixed hydraulic system is above 90. The viscosity index of hydraulic oil used for mobile equipment in cold area should be more than 130.

(3) Water content Water damage oil film, reduce the lubricity, increase friction wear parts wear and tear, can react with the oil to form acid, gum and sludge water can be oil additives, reduce oil performance, low temperature When the liquidity of oil deterioration, corrosion, corrosion of metal materials equipment

(4) anti-foam hydraulic oil will be mixed with air during operation, the system efficiency decreased, and even cause equipment damage, therefore requiring hydraulic oil has a good anti-foam properties.

(5) Pouring point For hydraulic oil used in cold areas, it should have good low temperature performance. Pour point is its main measure. In the selection of lubricants, the general use of ambient temperature lower than the 10-20 ° C pour point of lubricating oil.

(6) corrosion rust Hydraulic oil by the outside world more pollution, some of the hydraulic control components are also very. Corrosion corrosion is very harmful to them

(7) Pollution Degree Analysis Pollution degree analysis can quantitatively test the quantity and level of pollution particles in the lubricating oil. For the hydraulic system, solid particle pollution will aggravate the wear of the control components. For the turbine system, solid particle pollution will aggravate the bearing Other parts wear

(8) abrasion resistance The wear resistance of hydraulic oil directly affects the lubrication effect of the relevant components of the hydraulic system and is an important quality index of the anti-wear hydraulic oil. Product quality, according to national standards should be used gear and vane pump test evaluation. In the field operation, often four-ball test Pb value instead. Although feasible, but its criteria need to be accumulated in the work.

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